Cats, Rare Plants & Lunatics



An ode to LUNAcy:

In these illustrations, I explore themes that are lighthearted. I invent interesting plants, animals and narratives. In many, "la Luna" (the Moon) is present or it has been colonized and ladders connect it to fantastical settings. No one really knows if it is real or a prop, or even a hallucination, but for these "Lunatics" and dreamers it represents beauty, truth and freedom as ideals to pursue. They insist on reaching "la Luna" and sing to it with "saudade" from their distant, magical realms.



These whimsical works are made on watercolor paper using water based pigment inks, acrylic pen, gouache and watercolor pen. In most illustrations, there are 30 to 40 tiny lines/dots per square inch in the background. Each one can take anywhere from 14 to 30 hours to complete. In some cases, after finishing an original, I make digital alterations to its image, in order to obtain fun, different  versions of the same piece.


Naïve meets Contemporary:

My style is distinctive for being graphic- illustrative with bold use of colors. I call it "Neo-Primitive" because of the influence and fusion of styles like Folk, Art Naïf, Cubism, art and design from the 50's, 60's, 70's, Pop, Magic Realism, old printmaking aesthetics and more. The rich colors and patterns in traditional textiles and folk arts from across the globe have always been important sources of inspiration too.



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