An ode to LUNAcy:

In these illustrations I explore themes that are lighthearted, from strange plants to mythology, festive masks and magic folk, In many, " la Luna"  (the Moon) is present, almost like an ideal to pursue. In others, the Moon has been colonized and ladders connect it to fantastical settings. 



These whimsical pieces started out as acrylic paintings on canvas. I switched to drawing on paper using water based pigments, dye inks in order to achieve smaller, more intricate details. Lately I have started using acrylic and gouache paint pens too. In most illustrations, there are 30 to 40 tiny lines/dots per square inch in the background. Each one can take anywhere from 14 to 30 hours to complete. In some cases, I alter hues to obtain different versions of the same artwork, thus resulting in a mixed media image, since there is digital intervention.


Naïve meets Contemporary:

A graphic approach, minding design and composition, is distinctive of my style. I call it "Neo-Primitive" because of the influence from art movements such as Art Naif, Pop, Magical Realism. Global arts and design, particularly textiles, have always been an important source of inspiration. The rich colors, patterns and shapes found on traditional fabrics from around the world can be found here, mixed in an imaginative "mezcolanza". 



Some of these originals are currently showing in different venues, please see News tab for more info.

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