Save the date! My solo show "Textiles and Lunatics: Constructing Dreams" at the Merge Gallery in Artists and Makers Studios 2, opens this Friday December 1rst from 6-9pm.
Save the date! My solo show "Textiles and Lunatics: Constructing Dreams" at the Merge Gallery in Artists and Makers Studios 2, opens this Friday December 1rst from 6-9pm.

What is special to you? It could be something, someone, a concept, dogma, romance. Desde la vida cotidiana...hasta algo espectacular. Like our grandparents' kitsch, old fashioned sofas or like religious scapulars... contained in clear plastic vinyl or singled out in niches, encased, preserved in time. In this show, I explore what is sacred, those dreams that are never abandoned. Those eternally longed for but never reached, those that were completely lost, others that were found. The dreamers, (creative types) are usually considered mad, idealistic, lunatics...who wonder, persevere, do not abandon their beliefs.  "De poetas y locos...todos tenemos un poco".

Join me this Friday, December 1, from 6-9 pm at the opening reception of my solo show "Textiles and Lunatics: Constructing Dreams". There are lots of new, experimental fiber artworks, fun illustrations and an interesting combination of media on this show! It runs through December 21 at the Merge Gallery in A & M 2 (12276 Wilkins Ave. Rockville, MD 20852). Gallery hours are Tues-Sat 10 am- 4pm.

For more details of my show, please click on link to DC Art News blog!

Textiles and Lunatics: Constructing Dreams” with Sandra Pérez-Ramos fills the Merge Gallery. "Utilizing rare plants, moonstruck characters, torn fabric and vinyl niches, artist Sandra Pérez-Ramos combines contemporary fiber artworks with whimsical illustrations in this exhibition about lost and found dreams". 




October Show/Featured Artist at Gallery 209/ A&M 2. October 6- 31, 2017. 

Opening reception: October 6 from 6-9 pm.

My art will be featured this month! (75% of sales of my art will be donated to a Puerto Rico hurricane relief fund of the customer's choice).

We are 12 contemporary, local artists partnered in Gallery 209 @ Artists & Makers 2  (#12276 Wilkins Ave. Rockville, MD 20852). We work in different media and styles ranging from abstract to representational. There's a new show every month with opening receptions held every first Friday of the month. We welcome you to our gallery. Hours: Tues- Sat 10 am- 4pm.

More info at:, and on Instagram @gallery209art.



"De Allá Pa' Cá". Ink. Sandra Pérez-Ramos
"De Allá Pa' Cá". Ink. Sandra Pérez-Ramos

Best selling author KEITH DONOHUE  wrote a beautiful short story for Wheaton Arts Parade titled "PISCES". It was based on my painting " De Alla Pa' Ca". ( I'm humbled, excited and agradecida at the same time!)

 Here's the link to his blog, the story was added on September 27, 2017:


 Wheaton Arts Parade 2017 was a success!  I was part of a team 6 artists and designers, winners of a WAP grant and we built a beautiful float "Celebrating Frida Kahlo". We marched to celebrate  art and diverse cultures in the Wheaton area with our float. Friends, family and more artists joined us dressed as different Fridas and Calaveras. There were also other awesome floats built by local artists and students. A festival followed, with 3 stages, music performances, puppets, films, poetry readings, tents with children's crafts, art for sale, and food vendors...all by LOCAL talent and businesses. I'm looking forward to participating next year!!.

Check out the pictures at,,


Artist Sandra Pérez-Ramos
Ajiaco de Colores Art Show- Members of The Latino Art League of Greater Washington, DC exhibit at Rumba Café. 4/14-5/12/16.